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Sugar Daddy Meet

What is Sugar Daddy Meet?

Sugar Daddy Meet has been working on sugar daddy dating service over 15 years as Silicon Valley firm. It only accpets applications from the top 20 richest countries, including Canada, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, etc. There are more than 8 million active members now, over 1 million members are from Canada. It has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people in Canada match each other and start sweet sugar relationship to get mutually benefits. Sugar Daddy Meet focuses on heterosexual sugar daddy dating, which means if you are male sugar daddy who are looking for female sugar baby you should think first of it, and vice versa. The membership composition of Sugar Daddy Meet tends to be 1:4 approximately, the ratio of sugar daddies and sugar babies. With the high matching rate provided by big user base, reasonable features which make Sugar Daddy Meet so different from other sugar daddy websites out there, and high-quality dating service, Sugar Daddy Meet becomes the leading sugar daddy website in Canada. It is also the best choice for Canadians.

Sugar Daddy Meet Sign Up

Sugar Daddy Meet Sign Up

Discover a new world of dating at SugarDaddyMeet. Joining is 100% free and simple, requiring only a handful of details including your email, password, age, location, and sexual orientation. To have the most impactful profile, make sure to upload a variety of your photos, focusing on different aspects of your life such as travel, daily routines, and more to give viewers more insight into your lifestyle. In just three minutes, step into a community of successful men and attractive women, and explore the sugar daddy lifestyle. Fast, easy, and efficient, start your journey with SugarDaddyMeet today.

Sugar Daddy Meet Login (Sign In)

What should you do if you can’t successfully log in to your Sugar Daddy Meet account? Register a new account? No. Now when registering a new account at Sugar Daddy Meet, you need to perform phone verification. Only one account can be registered for a phone number. That is, you can’t register multiple accounts. This effectively prevents scammers from registering multiple accounts to harass other members. However, what should normal users do if they can’t log in for various reasons?

Sugar Daddy Meet Login Failed for suspicious

Case 1. When you log in, the system shows that your account is suspicious. This probably means that your account has been blocked for some reason. Please contact support directly. If support requires you to provide a screenshot of your ID card to prove that you are a real user, you can do so, and they will unblock your account within 24 hours. Support will delete your ID photo immediately after verifying your account. Don't worry about the leakage of personal information. If you are still not at ease, then you can also write your username on a piece of A4 paper, take a photo with this piece of paper, and finally send it to support. Your account will be reactivated soon. If support doesn’t reply to you within 24 hours, it means that your account has been blocked because of violation of some of their rules. At this time, you can send an email to support again to ask about the reason for being blocked. If support replies to you, you can explain it, and then ask support to reactivate your account.

Sugar Daddy Meet Login Failed for invalied email address or password

Case 2. If you forget the login email. Please contact support directly and provide your username or the correct phone number you filled in when you registered your account. They can retrieve your account by username or phone number.

Case 3. If you forget your login password or your account has been hacked. Please click "Forgot Password?" below the password input box to retrieve the password.

How much does Sugar Daddy Meet cost?

Sugar Daddy Meet Membership

Gold membership cost on PC and mobile website:

  • 1 month membership for $50 (most popular)
  • 3 months for $90 ($30 / month)
  • 6 months for $144 ($24 / month)

Gold membership cost on app:

  • 1 month membership for $59.99 (for iOS & Android app)
  • 3 months for $99.99 (for iOS & Android app)
  • 6 months for $159.99 (for iOS app only)

Note: You can see it's cheaper to upgrade on PC and mobile website. After upgrading membership, you can also access all premium features on iOS and Android apps.

Sugar Daddy Meet Discount

Sugar Daddy Meet Discount for Sugar Babies Only

Due to the epidemic, Sugar Daddy Meet considers that many sugar babies are financially difficult. Therefore, Sugar Daddy Meet offers a 30% discount to all newly registered sugar babies who want to upgrade to a premium membership. And it only discounts sugar babies registered from PC or mobile website. Newly registered Sugar Babies need to seize this opportunity to pay within 48 hours of registration to enjoy this discount. If it expires, you will have to pay the original price.

The three premium packages for Sugar Babies who are from PC or mobile website only:

  • 1 month membership for $35 (Originally $50)
  • 3 months for $75 (Originally $90)
  • 6 months for $120 (Originally $144)

How to make contact on Sugar Daddy Meet?

Sugar Daddy Meet Discover Page

The reason why Sugar Daddy Meet has good reputation and what makes Sugar Daddy Meet head and shoulders above any other, see the features below:

  • Upload up to 26 photos.
  • Search filter including basic information and advanced search including income, keywords, location, sign up time(new members), photos only.
  • 24/7 customer support including free phone contact, live support and dating counselors, along with email support.
  • Initiate conversation with other members.
  • Verify members’ photos or income to confirm their reality or wealth.
  • View the last login time of other members and access advanced search features.
  • To address the privacy of the members, all the email addresses can be hidden during the chat.
  • Profile photos can be hidden from particular members. Private album can be set and only open to certain members. Others can see public album, they have to send a request to access private album.
  • Update a status to say what you want or describe yourself, your thinking about sugaring, your wonderful moments in life.
  • Search people by username.
  • Send out free winks / comments to break the ice.
  • Verify photos, income, email address to prevent scammers and fake users.
  • Add someone to your favorites list.
  • Start a new topic to create a new blog or forum.
  • View or create Gift Wishlist / Wink / Like / Interest / Matches / profiles’ comments
  • View certified daddies / new members / reverse matches / compatible matches
  • Play 'Let's Meet' game.
  • Propose first date gift.

Note: Standard members can have access to part of features. While gold members can have full access to all the site features.

Sugar Daddy Meet App

Sugar Daddy Meet App

Since the Apple App Store has removed all apps related to “sugar daddy” and “sugar baby”, Sugar Daddy Meet currently doesn’t have an iOS App. The Android app of Sugar Daddy Meet is called “Meet”. It hasn’t been promoted as a sugar dating app. Because Sugar Daddy Meet is worried that Google Play will also remove all "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" related apps, so SugarDaddyMeet's Android APP is defined as a dating app for "seeking discreet dating". It looks more like a general dating app, but it is actually a sugar dating app. If you are using an Apple phone, you can also use the mobile version of Sugar Daddy Meet. Its design and features are the same as the PC version, and it's easy to use. You can also log in to the mobile version or APP with the account you registered on the PC.

Customer Support

Sugar Daddy Meet Support

If you encounter a problem on Sugar Daddy Meet and don't know what to do, you can first check the "Help/FAQ" page to find the answer to the question. In fact, most of the questions can be answered on this page. Moreover, all the questions are categorized on the "Help/FAQ" page, so you can find the answer quickly. If you can't find the answer on this page, you can directly contact their human customer service by email or phone. Their human customer service is online 24 hours a day. Generally, problems encountered by users will be resolved quickly, within 24 hours at most.


Just like the tagline says, “Sugar Makes Life Sweeter”, millions of members matching their ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby, looking for sugars in this large community which has over 500K daily active users. As said, highlight recommended members have 50 percent more chance of getting response and matching, the success rate is far higher from the general members. To get highlighted, the best way is become both certified and gold membership, Sugar Daddy Meet always filter scammers strictly and take all the measures to make sure that all the sugar daddies' personal information is true so they also give more trust and conveniences to certified members. In addition, if you are new to sugar dating, you can find Sugar daddy date ideas & Sugar daddy dating advice on Sugar Daddy Meet forum and blog, how to handle the first date or any sugar dates in a sugar relationship? How to dress and how to break the ice during dinner, brunch, or drinks? Many useful tips about dating and popularization of sugar culture would help you understand sugar daddy relationship quicker and more comprehensively then find your match, start your sugar adventure as soon as you can.

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