Why We Create This Site

As a matter of fact, the sugar daddy dating industry was popular before the year of 2001. In 2001, the first sugar daddy website was founded. More and more people are aware of the two keywords "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby" as well as the industry of sugar daddy dating with the establishment of more and more sugar daddy sites. The sugar daddy dating industry was then slowly developed into other countries, such as Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. With the development of internet, more and more young women are joining this industry such as women who need financial help, or those students who need help to pay tuition fees. There are also many successful people, social elites joining the industry. They want to find a young sugar baby to spoil as a princess. However, the editor finds that there are more than 100 sugar daddy sites online after investigation. There are some free sugar daddy sites, or "clone" sites among them. You will find that there are few active members after you entered it. The worse thing is that most of active members here are scammers or spammers. Moreover, the editor also discovers that there are almost no local sugar daddy sites in Canada, the origin of most sugar daddy sites is United States. So, it's hard for you to find the most suitable website online. Sugardaddysites.ca is a third-party review site which recommends the best sugar daddy websites in Canada to you.

How You Benefit from Our Service

  • Read our honest and objective reviews to know the top 5 sugar daddy sites in Canada, so that you can easily to choose the best sugar daddy site that suits you.
  • Save your time. You won't have to spend a lot of time on searching for Google.ca or comparing so many sugar daddy sites. We will directly recommend the latest top 5 sugar daddy sites to you. Our top 5 sugar daddy sites are not always the same. Editor has been paying attention to the development of the sugar daddy dating industry in Canada. We will recommend them to you in the first timing if there are better sugar daddy sites.
  • To know how these sites work, including their features, prices and their advantage & disadvantage.
  • To read and learn our blogs to make you quickly become a standard sugar daddy or sugar baby.

How We Rank Sugar Daddy Sites in Canada

Editor has registered dozens of websites and experienced their service personally. We always rank the website based on the following 8 objective and effective factors which guarantee the quality of recommended websites.

  • Popularity: Normally, the higher the dating site’s rank, the higher the popularity. For the ranking of the top 5 sugar daddy sites, please check on alexa.com.
  • The number of active users: The more the active members, the more chances of getting a date.
  • Age: When was this website established? If a sugar daddy site exists for a long time, then it must have its way of survival.
  • Easy-to-use: Some dating sites are mobile-friendly while some sites are not; some dating sites have their own apps while some sites don’t have; some dating site are ugly in design; some dating sites’ features are simple and easy-to-use, while other sites’ features are not; whether there are big bugs in the apps of some sites. All these factors decide whether it’s an easy-to-use website.
  • Privacy: Every user on the dating website wants to protect their privacy. If member’s personal information including photos, emails or IDs, is leaked to any third party, or if this website is often hacked, then we will consider this website to be unsafe.
  • Features: The basic features of a dating site include searching, browsing, email / message, live chat, etc. The search function of some websites is very powerful and can help users find the most suitable matches quickly. While some websites’ search results are very far from the user’s location. This kind of user experience is definitely not good. Some websites have some unique features such as photo verification, private photos album, etc. And we also check how many features a dating site has and whether they are free to use.
  • Customer Support: Some websites have 24/7 phone or live support, while other websites can only contact customer service via email, and you may need to wait 24 hours for a response. There are some websites that take 24 hours or longer to approve your profile after you complete the registration, and many websites can approve your profile within 24 hours. There are some websites that do not support refunds. Be careful.
  • Reviews: The comments and ratings of a dating website or app will directly reflect the value of the site.

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