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On the online dating niche of sugar babies and sugar daddies, is probably one of the oldest and most reputable websites. Founded back in 2004, it was among the first dating sites that offered the change for sugar babies to generous and attentive men for a mutual relationship. The best part about this website is that it can also help mature and successful women date younger men if this is what they want. But is the reputation of this website really as it is said? With an impressive member database that comprises more than 4 million people and a signing up rate of up to 1,000 people every day, according to claims, this website may indeed help you find a partner based on your needs. If you want more than just a lover, on you can find a generous partner, even a mentor that will help you accomplish your goals or dreams.

Signing Up

The signing up process is simple and you’ll be done with it extremely fast. What you should know is that you can still browse profiles without signing up for the website. So, if you simply want to check it out first, you can do so, and sign up later. Of course, you won’t be able to see too much, but at least you can have an idea about the people you can find on To narrow your search, you can even use a filter that will help you discover members that fit within your desired range.

It is worth mentioning that has members beyond the regular type that simply wants an extramarital, fun relationship. If you are gay, for example, it is possible to find a gay sugar daddy as well, so the website answers to a large spectrum of needs. Also, as mentioned earlier, young men can also find a sugar momma, a mature woman capable of supporting and spoiling them in numerous ways.

How long does it take to create a profile on this website? You will be done with it in just 5 minutes. While you will be required to provide personal information, it is recommended to say a few words about yourself as well. This way, you will maximize the chances to meet the right kind of people. As well, you will find a section where you will be able to describe the ideal partner. Take the time to do this as well, to avoid wasting time with people that are not a good match.

Design and Usability

Search page of

In terms of design, we can say that the website looks rather dated. It seems that the design hasn’t been improved for quite a while. However, the site’s functionality and easiness when it comes to navigation make us oversee the design part. Even if you never used an online dating website, you’ll find your way around extremely easy. The website is user-friendly and every detail on the website helps the user get around fast and find whatever he or she finds useful and interesting.

Profile Quality

A sugar baby's profile of

The profile of a member displays a wide range of information, helping other members decide whether the person presents any interest or not. You should know that while it is possible to check out profiles without opting for a paid membership, you won’t be able to see more than 3 photos of a member. To get access to the entire album of a member, you need a premium membership. When viewing someone’s profile on, it’s possible to find out quite a few things about that person. Information like age, marital status, gender, body type, height, race, and even income can be visible on a profile if the user fills in this type of information. At the same time, you can also see what kind of partners is the user looking to meet. Thus, it’s easy to tell whether you fit in that category or not.


To increase safety and detect any fake profiles, the team will have to approve your profile before you will be able to establish contact with any other member. However, if you don’t have a premium membership, you won’t be able to read the messages you receive, nor to reply to them, even if your profile has been approved. You may only send up to 3 messages per day, to other members.

The messaging feature looks pretty much like an e-mail, which shows you info like the sender of the message, subject of the message, and receipt date. There are also various icons that will give you a clue about the message you received. For example, if you notice a gold bar next to a message in your inbox, this means that the message was sent by a Gold member of the site. A star symbol will mean that the sender has total access to the site’s features, which will allow you to read and reply to the member’s messages, even if you don’t have a premium membership. And if you want to color-code the messages you received, you can do so with the help of a colored flag.

Price has free and paid services as well. So, you should know that the free category comprises the creation of a profile, checking out other profiles, and checking out photos, but no more than 3. The paid features category includes profile highlighting, a faster profile approval, messaging and a limitless inbox, priority for search results, and adding notes to profiles.

Regarding the prices of premium memberships, they are as follows:

payment options of

  • 1 month of Silver Memberships costs $39.95;
  • 1 month of Silver Memberships with Full Contact costs $54.90;
  • 1 month of Gold Membership costs $44.95;
  • 1 month of Gold Membership with Full Contact costs $59.90;

Note: Full Contact allows non-paying members to contact you and reply to your emails!

Unique Features

The website has more than enough features that can be used to find a sugar daddy, sugar mommy, or sugar baby in the shortest time possible. However, there is one special feature that stands out from the crowd:

• The weekend planner

On, it is very easy to plan a weekend and let others know about it. This way, you have higher chances to spend the weekend in the company of someone you like. You can practically use a calendar for an entire week, split into 1-hour increments, except the 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. interval. So, you can use this calendar to let others know what you are doing, if you are available, or to block certain times of the week.

App and Mobile

For the moment, has no mobile app. However, the website is mobile-friendly and looks great when accessed from a mobile device. The design automatically adapts to your preferred type of mobile device, so you won’t have any issues using the website and accessing your profile even if you’re not in the mood of using a computer.

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