• Top 10 Sugar Daddy Websites in Canada


    Are you looking for a sugar daddy or sugar baby now? Sugar daddy sites bring millions of generous sugar daddies and young sugar babies online for mutually beneficial relationships. According to the editor’s statistics, more than 6 million Canadians are using sugar daddy sites or sugar daddy apps in https://www.sugardaddywebsiteaustralia.com/. The cities with the most sugar daddies in Canada include Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and so on.

    Choose one of the best sugar daddy sites in Canada, and search for your perfect sugar daddies or sugar babies locally. Whether you find a straight sugar dating relationship, gay sugar daddy, or sugar momma, there is always a website or App for you.

  • #1 Sugar Daddy Meet

    Launched in 2007, Sugar Daddy Meet has continuously specialized in sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships. There are 8 million+ selective members, including 1.6 million+ sugar daddies and 6.4 million+ sugar babies. Most of their members are from these countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, etc. You can find your ideal match locally easily. Sugar Daddy Meet is very active with unique site features like “CERTIFIED DADDIES”, “First Date Gift”, “Let's Meet” and “easy-to-use apps”. It's free to verify photos or income for users to get more trust and contacts. More than 50% of users have verified their photos, you can rest assured to find a real sugar daddy or sugar baby here. Don't worry about scammers. Sugar Daddy Meet is the most trusted and frequented sugar daddy website in Canada...

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  • #2 Sugar Daddy

    You will know SugarDaddy.ca is a Canadian sugar dating site & app when you see the domain name of the website. In fact, SugarDaddy.ca is one of the subsites of Sugardaddy.com. It’s one of Canada’s best sugar daddy dating websites to find your dream sugar partner and enjoy a new lifestyle. More than 7 million people have already registered for the site. The average monthly total visits are as high as 150,000. 70% of its members are sugar babies, and sugar daddies are 30% of its total members. Whether you are looking for a sugar relationship, Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, or casual dating, SugarDaddy.ca will help you across social and geographic boundaries to find each other...

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  • #3 Secret Benefits

    Secret Benefits was established in 2014 and quickly grew into one of the top 10 sugar daddy sites in Canada. It aims to help millions of generous men & attractive women find each other and start an honest relationship. The users of Secret Benefits are basically from Canada and the United States, and most of the users have verified their photos. Here you don't have to worry about scammer harassment or worry about not finding the right match. The design of this website is very simple, and its functions are also very simple and easy to use. You might as well try it to know...

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  • #4 Whats Your Price

    Whats Your Price is a very special sugar daddy website. Unlike other sugar daddy websites, users need to upgrade to a premium membership to contact or send messages to other users. It buys and sells sugar babies' first date through bidding, and the bid winner will directly communicate with the sugar baby without hindrance. It makes online dating simple. It is the online dating shortcut that allows you to find more attractive sugar babies or generous sugar daddies faster. This website claims that the average time for its members to find a date is about 3 days. What an incredibility! Are you ready...

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  • #5 Sugar Daddy For Me

    As one of the oldest sugar daddy dating sites, Sugar Daddy For Me was created in 2004. They offer multiple relationship types including male sugar daddy-female sugar baby pattern, sugar momma & male sugar baby relationship, gay sugar daddy/baby relationship, and an extramarital affair. Whatever relationship you want, you can find your ideal match here. Sugar Daddy For Me is a very active dating site with 2,000+ new members joining daily. There are 4 million+ members in total. They offer a 3-day free trial to have full access to all site features without paying a penny. What’s more, this site is also mobile-friendly. No need to download apps...

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  • #6 Sugar Daddie

    Founded in 2002, Sugar Daddie is a high-quality and professional dating site for young, gorgeous ladies and decent men with wealth accumulation and social position. It's also one of the oldest sugar daddy sites, having 5 million+ members and 1000+ new members joining daily. This site is also a straight sugar daddy website like sugardaddymeet.com, which only accepts female sugar babes and male sugar daddies. Sugar Daddie provides quality relationships with unique features. There is a “browse our members” feature on this site, even unregistered people can see members’ brief information. Members’ online status can also be shown to visitors. Sugar Daddie is featured by media and television like “CNN”, “FOX”, “THE Sun”, “BBC”, etc...

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  • #7 Established Men

    Established Men is one of the leading sugar daddy websites that contact young & beautiful women with successful men. Its largest user bases are in Canada, the USA, Australia, and some other countries in the world. The design of its features is very similar to SugarDaddyMeet.com. The setting of the search function is a little more complicated, but it can help you find suitable matches within 10 miles of the neighborhood accurately. Sugar daddies have to pay to use premium features, and sugar babies have full access to all features for free. The ratio of men and women on this site is 3: 7. This makes the entire site extremely active...

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  • #8 Rich Meet Beautiful

    Rich Meet Beautiful is a professional sugar daddy website where sugar baby and sugar daddy/sugar momma seek a satisfying relationship on your terms for both parties. It is a comprehensive sugar dating site. So, whether you are looking for a sugar daddy/sugar baby, gay sugar daddy/ gay sugar baby, sugar momma/ male sugar baby, or lesbian, you can always find a satisfying match here. The ratio of sugar baby to sugar daddy/sugar momma on this website is about 4:1. This is the healthiest ratio among sugar daddy websites. So, every user can easily find a suitable match here. The users of Rich Meet Beautiful are mainly from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America, including Canada and the United States. Many sugar daddy websites don't have their own apps, but Rich Meet Beautiful has its own iOS app and Android app. This will significantly facilitate the users who join the website...

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  • #9 Miss Travel

    Miss Travel is a unique luxury travel dating website based on mutually beneficial relationships. It aims to help generous people find an attractive partner for their journey so that their journey is no longer lonely but becomes more romantic and wonderful. Generous people will pay for travel companions for all travel expenses, and even give them extra allowance or gifts. If you like to travel, and you happen to lack a travel companion and want to benefit from the journey, or you want to find a young and beautiful partner to travel with you, why not try this travel companion site...

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  • #10 Sugar Daddy Canada

    Sugar Daddy Canada is one of Canada's most popular sugar daddy sites. It’s a sugar daddy & sugar baby dating site with huge databases of wealthy and successful personals. Their members include doctors, lawyers, busy professionals, benefactors, etc. This site has a “quick search” function in which you can set up members’ gender, age, and location to make your search more accurate. Sugar Daddy Canada is a dating site that has 10+ years of sugar daddy/baby arrangement services experience. Try this site to check your luck...

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What's Sugar Daddy?

A rich sugar daddy

Sugar daddy is usually wealthy man, generous man, or successful man, and they usually have a certain age (most of them are over 30 years old). They need to find some young women for fun or companionship, and willing to support their sugar babies in different ways, such as cash, gifts, etc.

What's Sugar Baby?

a beautiful caucasian woman is holding shopping bags and canadian dollars

Sugar baby is usually a person who has financial difficulties and needs help from sugar daddies. Most of the sugar babies are students, they need sugar daddies to help them pay their high tuition or debt. Some of the sugar babies are young and beautiful women who want to change their lifestyles. Of course, there are other sugar babies who may be for a variety of other purposes. For example, a single mother needs money to support her children, some women may just be physically satisfied, and so on.

What’s A Sugar Daddy Website?

A woman is clinking glasses with a man

Sugar daddy sites are designed to help sugar daddies and sugar babies quickly find a suitable sugar online. And sugar daddy dating is a type of short-term relationship for mutual benefit where sugar daddies and sugar babies can directly express what they want.

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Legit?

online dating

Yes, all sugar daddy sites are legal. In fact, the legality of Sugar daddy sites mainly depends on the sugar daddy sugar baby relationships. A SD-SB relationship is not simply exchanging sex for money, it is illegal. The most important thing is to accompany each other to have a good time and meet each other's needs. During this period, sugar daddy will be responsible for all expenses, including shopping, traveling, etc.; sugar daddy will also give some gifts or some cash to sugar baby, and sometimes, sugar baby will also give some small gifts in return. Of course, sex is part of sugar daddy dating, and it's common, but it doesn't have to happen. When the right person is in the right place at the right time, this kind of behavior happens as naturally as a normal couple. Sometimes, SD-SB relationships are also non-sexual. Sugar daddies are paid for the time and affection they spend with each other in the relationship, not just the sex.

How to Choose A Suitable Sugar Daddy Website?

A woman hugs a man from behind

According to the editor’s careful survey that there are many sugar daddy websites. Except for a few relatively large international brands, such as Sugar Daddy Meet, Seeking Arrangement, etc. There are few Canadian sugar daddy dating site brands. When you search in some particular city, such as "sugar daddy Vancouver", “sugar daddy Toronto”, “sugar daddy Calgary”, etc. You will find that Canada's own brand website quantity is even fewer. However, the editor lists the top 5 sugar daddy sites in Canada and compares, and evaluates them one by one, including price, unique features, etc. You can check "How We Rank Sugar Daddy Sites in Canada". The editor wishes to help you find which site is the most suitable for you. The editor does not list the so-called "free" sugar daddy sites. In fact, these “free” sugar daddy sites are new sites that are newly been online. There are few members online and it will be difficult for you to find suitable matches. Some free sugar daddy sites were managed by no one or managed by one or two people. There are many scammers and fake users on the website. You may lose more on free sugar daddy sites than on other sites. Basically, all dating sites are free to register for. So, there’s no need to use free sugar daddy sites.

We have to admit that not everyone can have a successful experience on sugar daddy websites. But you have to try first, right? Maybe you are the next winner. Who knows?

How to Start on Sugar Daddy Sites?

How to Start on Sugar Daddy Sites?

1. Write more about yourself and your match, make your profile as complete as you can. A complete profile will let others find you quickly. Honesty is very important. Do not fill in false information on your profile and sugar daddy dating sites will not disclose your personal information.

2. Don't forget to add more photos! According to the survey, members with photos can get 20 times more contacts than members without photos.

3. While communicating with your sugar daddy/sugar baby through messages, try to make your words easier to understand, more humorous, and funny, more personalized. He/she will respond to you as soon as possible. Facts prove that interesting people can make others be more interested in them.

4. Try to spend some time every day to check your messages and reply to your matches’ messages timely. Try to log in to your profile in different time periods and send more messages to people you are interested in. After all, not everyone will reply to your messages. But you can always get more opportunities if you take the initiative to contact the other party.

5. The most important thing is that you must be active and patient. Some people will give up several days later if they didn’t find suitable matches. A good fish man will always be people who are patient.

How Much Do Sugar Daddy Websites Cost in Canada?

Giving sugar baby allowance away

The cost of sugar daddy websites can vary. Generally, there are two types of sugar daddy websites available: those with premium membership plans, and those that use credits. For those with premium membership plans, the cost can range from $40 to $90 per month. For sites that use credits, the cost depends on how many women you contact and which features you use. The average cost of each credit is $0.50, and the average monthly cost for sugar daddies is around $100.

Those sugar daddy websites with premium membership plans are time-limited, no matter how much you use their services, only when the premium membership you purchased expires, you need to renew to use many advanced features on the website. Those sugar daddy websites that use credits have no time limit. When you want to use the advanced features of the website, you need to pay certain credits. After your credits are used up, you need to re-purchase credits to use the advanced features of the site. Credits do not expire. Usually, those websites that use credits are more expensive than those websites with premium membership plans.

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Free for Sugar Babies?

Dating online on free sugar daddy sites

Yes, some sugar daddy websites are completely free for sugar babies, such as Secret Benefits, SugarDaddy.com, Established Men, Rich Meet Beautiful, and Miss Travel. It means that the sugar babies can get access to all these websites’ features for free. But Sugar daddies/sugar mommas have to pay to get access to the premium features.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Sugar Daddy Websites?

Online Dating Scams

1. Research the site and other users. Before engaging with anyone on a sugar daddy site, do thorough research on the site and the other users. Check out reviews and feedback from other users to make sure the site is legitimate and that the members are trustworthy.

2. Ask for proof of identity. Before engaging with anyone, ask for proof of identity. Ask for a valid driver’s license or passport. This will help ensure that the person you’re engaging with is who they say they are.

3. Always meet in public. When meeting someone from a sugar daddy site, always meet in a public place. This will help to ensure that you’re safe.

4. Don’t give out personal information. Never give out any personal information such as your home address when engaging with someone from a sugar daddy site.

5. Never give money to someone you have never met in person. There are countless stories of individuals who request money for various reasons, often targeting their newfound matches. If they ask for your credit card details, bank account number, or if they expect you to pay them in advance, this should be considered a major warning sign. In any case, never offer this kind of information to someone you are not familiar with and never transfer money through the internet.

6. Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable or something doesn’t seem right, trust your instincts. Don’t engage with anyone if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

What Do You Have to Pay Attention before You Leave A Sugar Daddy Site?

How will do you pay attention to details?

After you have successfully found a satisfying sugar daddy or sugar baby, maybe you don't want new messages from sugar daddy sites or sugar daddy apps to disturb your sweet life. At this point, you can choose to delete your account. So, you need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Close your auto-renew feature on the sugar daddy site.

2. Delete your Photos and email completely.

3. Permanently delete your profile.

Note: If you are still not at ease and suspect that this website is only blocking your account and not completely deleting your account, you can send a letter or call to ask if you have completely deleted your account.

  • Fred Lauina

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    Fred Lauina graduated from the University of Toronto with an MBA. Since he entered the online dating industry in 2007, he has been engaged in related work for more than 10 years, starting from the promotion of sugar dating, customer service, and other work, and now he is responsible for the marketing management of the entire project. He is a true expert in the field of sugar dating. On SugarDatingSites, Fred will share some valuable advice about the best sugar daddy sites or apps in Canada and some sugar dating tips or experiences for old and new sugar daddies/sugar babies.