A Sugar Daddy Relationship Isn't about Escort Services or Prostitution

Posted by SugarDaddySites.ca | November 06, 2018

a man and a beautiful woman on a yacht

Are you interested in finding a sugar daddy, but you’re afraid that you’ll be seen as an escort or prostitute? It doesn’t matter on what side of the barricade you are, whether you are a sugar daddy or sugar baby, as every party involved needs to know what a sugar daddy relationship means. Also, it is worth knowing the differences between such a relationship and escort services or prostitution, so that you won’t live in the shadow of a misconception.

A sugar baby will gain financial advantages, but not in the exchange of sex

One of the reasons young beautiful women are looking for a sugar daddy is to enjoy a better financial status, get help with their careers or education, and gain access to other benefits, like vacations and shopping sessions. Many sugar babies receive a monthly allowance from their sugar daddies, as a way to say thank you for their companionship. But, do not forget that a sugar baby doesn’t have to get physically involved with her sugar daddy unless she wants to and the relationship evolves in that direction. So, unlike prostitutes or escorts, who rather close a transaction with men instead of forming a relationship, sugar babies don’t receive money and other advantages in exchange of sex. Although it is up to you to find a sugar daddy that is not looking for this kind of relationships if you don’t want it either. Thus, setting boundaries and discussing conditions with a sugar daddy right from the start is useful and recommended.

Prostitutes will take care only of the physical part, while sugar babies are beautiful and smart women

When you choose to meet with a prostitute, you are actually demanding for a physical arrangement that lasts for a very short while. Apart from this, you won’t get much out of this kind of women, considering the nature of their job. Escorts are usually willing to accompany you to events if this is what you need, but when it comes to dating sugar babies, you can enjoy much more than the presence of a beautiful woman. Sugar babies are women that long for a successful career, have a great education in their background, and are more than capable of managing a smart and interesting conversation. Plus a sugar baby will search for mentorship, not just a rich lover, so they are more than capable of appreciating you and being grateful for all your support.

A sugar daddy relationship will always be a mutual relationship

The relationship between a sugar daddy and sugar baby will always begin if the two parties agree that they both have what the other is looking for. The sugar daddy is looking for the companionship of a beautiful and smart woman, having nothing against offering her the support she needs, while the sugar baby requires a mature man capable of being her mentor and supporter. So, as you can see, no one enters the relationship because they have to. It is a relationship based on mutual agreement, in which both partners will value the attention and time offered by the other. Prostitutes or escorts, on the other hand, are not that selective when it comes to their partners, as it is all about completing a job and not looking for any kind of relationship.