How to Be A Sugar Baby

Posted by | July 07, 2018

A beauty is in the money rain

I imagine that the thought of becoming a sugar baby has been lingering in your mind for quite a while. But then you have some questions about it and just don’t know how to go about it. You keep asking yourself the question, “How can I be a Sugar Baby? Do you want to find out?” Let’s read on.

First and foremost, understand the concept of being a sugar baby: This means that you get into a mutually beneficial arrangement based upon agreed terms with your Sugar Daddy. You shower them with affection, give them your time, body, and fulfil their needs whenever they need to be with someone who truly cares about them. In return, you get rewarded in form of mentorship, financial support, general companionship and a life of luxury as you may desire.

Attitude, the key to success: Have a positive attitude in life and towards being a Sugar Baby. Nobody wants to spend time with a judgmental unmotivated person. Damp your baggage in the closet, don’t bring it to the table. You know that you are coming to meet successful responsible and busy mature partners mainly looking for a good time.

Invest in yourself: Your career is as important as your looks. Take care of your body, mind, and soul. Always be the best version of yourself. Be as self-sufficient as possible. Love yourself and don’t mind the critics. You are looking for someone that will be a plus to you and help you achieve success in the things that you are passionate about.

Set your parameters: What do you need out of this arrangement? You need to be able to differentiate between your needs and wants. What kind of partner are you looking for? Outline your expectations and also what you have to offer in return. Once you have the answers to all these questions then you are ready to be a Sugar Baby. So go ahead!

Sign up with a good Sugar Baby site: Here you will fill in all your details, add beautiful personal photos and give details of your arrangement expectations. Keep your profile sleek and on point. Joining a good site will give you exposure and higher chances of being noticed by numerous prospects.

Communication: Now that you’ve signed up, I’m pretty sure you are getting some notifications. That’s good and you don’t want to let them down, communicate! Communication starts on the site and progresses to the phone before you physically meet up. Get to know about your prospects at this phase. Keep the communication lines open.

The Reality Check: Do you feel any connection with your prospect? Even though it’s an arrangement, don’t fake your feelings. There has to be chemistry between you and your prospect. If you feel comfortable talking with him and don’t feel the need to compromise your morals and values, then that’s a good sign. Now, you can choose to meet up most advisably in a public place for your first meeting to see where this journey leads you.

Now, Build Trust: Talk about your terms and be a good listener too. Be specific about the allowance you want and also mention how you are going to invest it wisely. Don’t be afraid to make your requests known. Your prospect can end up being your partner, lover, friend, confidant, mentor, benefactor, and so much more. Appreciation is a good motivator. Give it more often than you receive.

Discretion is the crowning Key: Be discreet, keep it private and don’t put out sensitive information about your partner. Guard his information jealously. Help your Daddy and maintain the fun! Go Sugar Baby!