The Sugar Daddy Capital Of Canada - Vancouver

Posted by | January 20, 2017

Vancouver - the sugar daddy capital of Canada

As sugar daddy sites have increased in popularity in recent years, more and more arrangements that are mutually beneficial to both parties are being found. Finding a sugar daddy in Canada is no longer as difficult as it may seem, as Vancouver has emerged as the sugar daddy capital, causing women who seek arrangements to flock like never before.

According to a research study performed by, Vancouver was the #1 city to find a sugar daddy, as a sudden surge in growth prompted them to find out more about where all of their applicants were coming from.

The study also showed that sugar daddy vancouver are far more generous than their Canadian counterparts, spending an average of nearly $5,000 per month on their sugar babies. On average, a Vancouver sugar daddy is 38 years old and a sugar daddy in Vancouver will spend an average of roughly 20 percent of their income on their chosen sugar baby.

These studies proved that married men account for three out of every ten sugar daddies in the city and women are willing to travel are able to find their chosen sugar daddy in Vancouver regardless of their current marital status, since there are a wide range of men who seek additional accompaniment outside of their more traditional relationships.

However, this represents a major shift from the prevailing idea that most sugar daddies are lonesome married men who desperately seek a woman to spend their time with (and their hard-earned money on). Older, wealthier men are not seeking a sugar baby in Vancouver at the same rate as they once did, which is great news for women who seek an arrangement with someone who is closer to them in age and chosen interests.

Single men are developing more of a taste for sugar baby vancouver and can receive a great deal of satisfaction from helping them to make the most of themselves. While there is a pervasive stereotype about sugar babies, as most would believe them to be spoiled and entitled, arrangements are not always sought as a means of receiving luxury cars and shopping sprees.

A sugar daddy in Vancouver has a vested interest in improving the life of their chosen baby and the statistics show that the number of married men who seek sugar babies is dwindling rapidly, dropping from nearly 50 percent back in 2007 to roughly 30 percent in just a few years’ time, suggesting that this is a trend that is not likely to be reversed anytime soon.

Seeking a sugar daddy in Canada? Tired of the same old men who cannot stimulate you on all levels? It is time to head to the sugar daddy capital of Canada and find out more about what the men in this great city have to offer, so that you can get the most out of your arrangement.