The Different Types of Sugar Daddies in Canada

Posted by | August 18, 2018

A smoking wealthy man

The user base for sugaring is increasing and the concept of sugar daddy and sugar baby have entrenched so quickly in society. After all, there is mutually assured benefit in this relationship and this is also one of the reasons why the liquid of this relationship seeped into the roots easily! Choosing the proper sugar daddy is like choosing a dress. If you choose it wrong, then it will be useless! Hence, it is necessary to his style and character should match your needs and desires. Based on characteristic, different types of sugar daddies are:

Super Rich Sugar Daddies

There are sugar daddies who are too rich and spend blindly on anything and everything. These daddies look for babies who just need hard cash and are ready to give them in return everything that they need. These sugar daddies look for hot girls who don’t have any emotional attachment or strings attached and just want to have good time. They are good for you if you have ample time to spend with them and cater to their needs in return of unlimited hard cash!

Gift Giving Sugar Daddies

Other types of sugar daddies are those who love to surprise their babies with special gifts instead of regular allowance. So, if you are a gift lover and loves surprises and pampering then look for older rich guys who will please you with abundance of these. These gifts can include everything from goodies, beauty and fitness accessories to the bedroom version of goods tailored as per fantasy of the daddies. So be ready to ask ‘per meet’ gifts!

Mentor Sugar Daddies

There are sugar babies who have a slightly different taste and keep a vision about their future and career. There are sugar daddies who are interested in mentoring and financing these babies with high aspirations. These sugar daddies are rich and have experience, skills and good contacts also which can help sugar babies in choosing a right path. This category of sugar daddies are bit serious and want their babies to benefit from their resources and links.

Sensitive Sugar Daddies

There are sugar daddies who have gone through some tragedy or going through tough phase of their life. They want a sugar baby to sympathise and lend a listening ear to them. They could have lost their wife or gone through separation or divorce. They just want someone to unload their feelings and benefit their babies too by giving them what is required in return. You will find a companion in these sugar daddies.

Travel Buddy Sugar Daddy

How about going on trips, staying in luxurious hotels, go to shopping in different country and always getting a VIP treatment without even spending a penny? If this is what you are looking for then you need a travel buddy! Although people don’t mind travelling alone but if you have someone along then the experience becomes more pleasant. These sugar daddies look for a travel companion and sugar babies get to roam the world at no cost!

Typical Sugar Daddies

What comes to your mind when you first listen to the word sugar daddy? Candidly, we frame a figure of person who is super rich, want to spend time with you, hangs out with you, gives you monthly allowance and advise too wherever necessary and is ready to help you with additional expenses. They are definitely not looking to settle down with you but just want an arrangement which is mutually beneficial! If you have found him, it won’t be wrong to say that you have hit jackpot!

Marry Me Sugar Daddies

These sugar daddies can be little dangerous if you are in ‘no strings attached’ zone. They don’t focus on gifts and money but are focused towards long term commitments and long-term relationships eventually leading to marriage. These sugar daddies are young and indulge into this relationship to find someone who loves them more than their money! This kind of sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is emotional and thus it is necessary to communicate about your feelings properly.

Newbie Sugar Daddies

As the name suggests, these daddies are new to the sugar bowl. They are novice and don’t really know how it works so you can shape the arrangements the way you want. But you should be little nice to them to guide them during this journey. This can prove to be a learning experience for them and beneficial for babies as well!

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