Many Female University Students Seeking Sugar Daddies to Pay Tuition in Recent Years

Posted by | April 7, 2017

a college student seeking sugar daddy for tuition

It is undeniable that university tuition fees are expensive—that is a fact even before factoring in rents, books and allowances. And no one would want to be a girl who could not afford college. It is quite frustrating when tuition fees, and bills pile up—and this is the time when rich-quick ideas can be tempting. Many has been tempted already. Sugar daddy has become one reasonable choice for women who wants someone to fund the ridiculously high cost of education.

In Canada, the percentage of those university gals entering into this ‘mutually beneficial relationship has an unprecedented rise in the last few years. Girls who are frantic in making the ends to meet are continued to be lured by big paydays being offered by this scheme called ‘sugaring’. They started when they found out online websites where one can easily make a sugar daddy arrangement. The site will connect the university women to rich and old men who are willing to shed huge amount of bucks for their so called ‘companionship’.

These university girls who are getting paid for being the attractive company of the old rich men are referred to as the sugar babies. According to those who welcome this experience, sex is not always guaranteed but definitely is the ultimate goal for the daddies. The relationship is mutually beneficial as the sugar daddy will pay for his young and beautiful company and the sugar baby will gain access to the finest things in life including the fully paid university tuition fees. Expensive gifts and some pampering are just the bonuses of it.

Lauren is on her 3rd year of university life. And according to her, the stress that comes from demand for rent and the due dates of tuition fees make it very hard to concentrate and even enjoy college. Then he found out about this sugaring through a friend. Then she decides that it will be okay to get physical with some old rich guy rather than scrimping or juggling two part-time jobs which can really be disheartening. She then went ahead and was able to set an arrangement with someone who paid her $1000 of that one-time meeting and offered her tuition fee coverage and monthly allowances. She made enough to cover not only what she needs but her wants as well. She even made it through Master’s Degree.

But that not is not the case with Katie who is financially distress with school expenses and look for an arrangement online and was swayed by that quick cash promise. He was lured by that generous old guy who is just looking for someone he can spoil. It turned out, however, that the guy used a fake profile and assaulted Katie upon meeting her on the hotel room. Not all the guys out on these sites are really willing to help paying tuition fees. There are numerous predators and every want to be sugar baby, should at least give this it a thought before dipping your toes into it. Take care on sugar daddy sites!