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It’s undeniable that there are mature, successful men that seek the company of young, beautiful women. In their own turn, gorgeous women could use the support and generosity of men that managed to succeed in life. To make it easier for these two parties to meet and establish a relationship, the Secret Benefits website was created. Some would call these connections as a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships, but if it’s a win-win situation, who says you can’t try it out. This kind of arrangement is ideal for those looking for “no strings attached” relationships, with the bonus that each can enjoy a set of benefits on the way.

Because it is not that easy to find the ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby, Secret Benefits comes to the aid of all those interested in this type of relationship. To our surprise, the website is a very decent one, without displaying nudity or explicit images. On the contrary, it tries to dismiss the myths concerning these relationships and wishes to show everybody that the agreement is mutual and established only at the desire and consent of both parties involved. So, if you want an honest relationship with a sugar daddy or sugar baby, this is the place to be. The member’s database is more than generous, so there are very high chances to meet your match over here.

Signing Up

It won’t cost you a dime to sign up and get started. So, if you ask us, you have nothing to lose. Just make sure you come up with a good nickname, as it won’t be possible to change the nickname manually later on if you change your mind. Besides giving details like e-mail address, you will also have to mention your location. This is very useful if you want to meet sugar daddy or babies within your area. It is more comfortable and convenient to meet people locally, without having to constantly travel to see your partner. It is worth mentioning that the match recommendation made by the website will be based on your declared location. So, don’t hesitate to provide this information.

As a recommendation, do your best to complete each field of the signing up process. For instance, details like ethnicity and body type will be required and the sign up won’t be completed without them. During registration, you have the possibility to upload one photo. Make sure it is a clear, high-quality photo. Usually, the system will want to run a verification process. It is possible to skip this part, but you won’t receive a badge letting other members know that you have been verified. So, if you want to be trustworthy, you should undergo the verification process. This will let others know that you’re for real and that your profile is not fake.

Profile Quality

A sugar baby's profile of

Due to the verification process unrolled by the website, you have the certainty that most of the profiles on the website come from real people. Unverified profiles don’t display the badge attesting the verification, so you’ll know what to be careful about. Checking out the profile of other members is free of charge, and so it taking a look at their photos. However, there is the possibility to create a secret photo album, which is not publicly displayed. This feature is mostly used by women, who upload here sexier photos. It is possible to unlock this feature only if you make a request so that access is granted by the profile’s owner. But, even so, the website does not allow nudity whatsoever, not even in those secret albums. It’s all about quality and reliability on this website.

Besides photos, Secret Benefits also allows users to upload videos. You can use this feature to tell a short story about yourself and present your personality to others that may be interested in knowing you better. This is why it is worth depositing some effort in creating a nice video, in case you decide to use this feature. In terms of getting to know someone else, we were surprised at how detailed a profile can be. You can find out quite a few things about another member by simply checking out his or her profile. It is also worth mentioning that both the profile info and albums can be edited whenever this is suitable for needed.

Design and Usability

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One thing is for sure and that is the fact that the website was created to be user-friendly. Even if you never used such a website before, you’ll find it very easy to navigate and find everything you’re interested in. The design of Secret Benefits is modern while using buttons that look familiar to most users. So, making use of your intuition will be enough when using the website.

Are you nervous about sending a message? You should not worry about it, as the entire process enjoys all the guidance and support you need. This happens due to the fact that messages are offered as a premium feature, so it is treated accordingly. Another great aspect is the fact that both the website design and mobile design are the same, so you won’t come across any difficulties regardless of what device you choose to use.


As we mentioned earlier, there’s a premium version to the Secret Benefits website, which unlocks a wide array of features to its members. But, is it expensive to have a premium profile on Secret Benefits? First of all, if you don’t want to pay until you test the website’s services, it is possible to do so. So, if you want to get convinced, try it for free for a limited period.

Then, if you want to unlock more features, you can opt for any of the 3 available options:

payment options of

  • Pay $0.59 per credit, meaning you’ll get a package of 100 credits for $59.
  • Pay $0.34 per credit, meaning you’ll get a package of 500 credits for $169;
  • Pay $0.29 per credit, meaning that you’ll get a package of 1000 credits for $289;

You will need these credits to use the website’s available premium features and services. In terms of price, we can say that the website fits in the average range, with prices that are not the lowest but not too high either.

Unique Features

Due to the fact that Secret Benefits respects its members and wishes to do its best to help them find their ideal matches, the website created a set of unique features, as follows:

• The possibility to create a Secret Album

This is a free feature that can be used by anyone. The Secret Album allows the user to upload photos that won’t be publicly displayed. The member has the right to accept or deny a request for accessing the Secret Album.

• Enjoy access to the site’s Blog

If you want to increase the success of your dating life, all you need to do is read the posts available on the website’s blog. These posts are written by specialists and will offer guidance on how to find the perfect partner for you.

• The option to Highlight your profilee

In case you want to attract more attention to your profile, you can always highlight it. This means that your profile will always appear among the top results for searches and inquiries.

• Enjoy customer support with priority

If you need customer support as soon as possible, it is possible to get it with priority. What to do to make this feature available? Go through the verification process.

App and Mobile

At the moment, there’s no special app for Secret Benefits that you can download and use on your mobile device. But it is possible to access the website from your mobile device with ease. The design is mobile-friendly and responsive, so you’ll find your way around the website fairly easy and quick, even if you enjoy using your smartphone or tablet.

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