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Are you adventurous, open-minded, and keen to see the world? Then what’s holding you back? You may say that there are budget issues or a lack of partners that will make the traveling experience more enjoyable. Well, with Miss Travel, you won’t have to worry about anything, any longer. What is Miss Travel and what does it have to do with traveling around the world? We have to start by saying that this is an online dating website. But it is a very special dating website, as it focuses on luxury travel dates, instead of the regular kind of dates. In other words, it matches people based on their traveling interests and preferences.

How is this possible? The system works very effectively and both parties involve have something to win from it. Successful and generous men, who enjoy spending time in luxurious escapes around the world, get to enjoy the company of gorgeous women during their travel experiences. On the other hand, women get the chance to enjoy free trips to stunning locations, while being in the company of a man that will know how to treat them right. However, it is worth mentioning that there are cases when the traveling bill is split in half, at the mutual agreement of the parties involved. So, if you want to play fair, you can do so as well. So, are you ready to try a different type of dating, which will also satisfy your craving for travel? Miss Travel may be worthy of consideration in this case.

Signing Up

Signing up to Miss Travel is a very easy process that won’t take longer than 5 minutes. The most important part of the signing up process is your e-mail address. You will have to provide a valid e-mail address that will be verified as well. If you don’t complete the e-mail verification process, you won’t be allowed to finish the signing up process. Also, you will have to think about a user name, which must be a unique option. The system will let you know if the username you want to use is already taken by a different user. Just bear in mind that the username you choose will appear as your profile name and you’ll have to use it to log into your profile.

Besides the essential information mentioned earlier, you can also add a few things about yourself, during the registration process. This information will be displayed on your profile and you have the chance to change or update it whenever you consider suitable.

Profile Quality

A sugar baby's profile of MissTravel.com

The profiles on Miss Travel are not too complicated. They are meant to provide succinct and relevant details, so it won’t take too long to check out one’s profile on the website. The majority of the profiles will display two distinct sections. There’s the “About Me” part, where the user mentions a few things about himself or herself, and the “Why I Travel” section, which contains the reasons a person wishes to travel around the world. These two are sufficient to see if someone is a suitable travel partner for you.

The best part is that profiles contain a good amount of information, like interests, lifestyle details, info about the user, and any future traveling plans. Thus, it is easy to see who travels where. If you find someone interesting that travels to a destination you want to experience, you can easily try to see if you could fit in his or her plans. Just sent the user a message and see if you can make things work. However, do be careful who you choose to contact, as there can also be fake profiles on the website. If something looks suspicious, it’s best to walk away than risk unpleasant experiences.


When it comes to establishing contact with other members of the website, things are different for men and women. More precisely, messaging is a free service available to women, as the websites favor the presence of women on the platform. So, women are welcome to join in and get all the features of the website without any costs. For men, however, the possibility to send and read messages comes with the price of premium membership. Apart from this, most of the website’s features and services are free. Also, as a standard member, you can still check out other’s profiles, add users to your favorite list, create a future trip or make a request to join an existing trip, and check who saw your profile or added it to their favorite list. Payment comes in between only when you want to send or read a message.

Design and Usability

upcoming trips of misstravel.com

You won’t have any issues getting around Miss Travel, as the website adopted a simple and clean design. Also, you will quickly learn what each page of the site is all about, as they all use a different color scheme. Besides a minimalist design and aspect, the website also uses icons that increase its usability and easiness of navigation.


As mentioned before, some of the features, more precisely most of them, are free of costs. But some will come with a price tag. Paid services include reading and sending messages, posting trips in a highlighted manner, and browsing through the website in an anonymous manner. What are the costs of a premium membership? The price list is as follows:

payment options of misstravel.com

  • 1 month of Premium membership costs $59.99;
  • 3 months of Premium membership costs $164.97, at $54.99 per month;
  • 6 months of Premium membership costs $299.94, at $49.99 per month.

Unique Features

There aren’t too many features on this website, but the ones that are available are specially picked to help users find their ideal match in no time. To do so, you can use any of the following features:

• Add a User to Favorites

Did you find someone you like? Then you can easily add this person to your Favorites List, so you won’t have to look for her or him again next time. You will be able to open and view this list by pressing on a star-shape icon.

• Create a Future Trip Plan

If you want to announce a future trip you want to make, you can make it public on Miss Travel and attract the attention of other users. The trip will have to be approved by the site’s team, but once this happens, everybody will be able to see it and make requests to join in. When creating a future trip, you will have to provide a series of information, like location, date, and who’s covering the costs.

• Use Advanced Filters for the Search Option

You can easily narrow down the results of your searches by selecting various filters. Make good use of these filters and it will be easier for you to find the best match.

• Various lists at your disposal

To make things even easier, the website has a few lists ready for you. Besides the Favorite list, you can also use the Visited Me list, which will display the users that checked out your profile. Isn’t that convenient?

App and Mobile

Currently, the website doesn’t offer the chance to install an app on your mobile device. However, Miss Travel has a responsive website design that quickly adapts to any type of mobile device. This will make navigation easy and convenient, even when you’re not near your computer.

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