Avoid These Rookie Mistakes When Sugar Daddy Dating

Posted by SugarDaddySites.ca | March 12, 2019

A happy mature man smiling with a young woman

Yes, sugar relationship is sweet. But sugar babies always make a series of mistakes. Below are 9 mistakes listed which sugar baby usually make during sugar daddy dating, just take them for your reference. Discovering them early can avoid negative influence to your sugar relationship.

1. Cheating.

If you want to find a real sugar daddy sincerely, don't fill in any fake information from the beginning on your profile. You should keep no cheating with your sugar daddy. Or you’ll lose your sugar daddy quickly.

2. Putting all the eggs in the same basket.

Don’t lose contact with other daddies while getting involved with one potential sugar daddy since there are many choices on the sugar daddy sites. The potential daddies are only potentiality. No matter how hopeful he seems, don't give up on your pursuit. Always keep your profile online and contact more sugar daddies to have more choices and never stop seeking new potentials. Only in this way, you can have more opportunities to succeed.

3. Delivering before receiving.

Many sugar babies started giving sugar daddies what they want immediately after they contacted their potential sugar daddies. They hope to make an arrangement with their sugar daddies as soon as possible. When he calls you, you may always choose to listen. Then, when he asks to see you, you will dress up beautifully and then go to meet with him. You may even have sex with him on the first time you meet with him. You let him think that you are free at any time. You silently tilted the equal relationship between the two of you. This is a big mistake.

You need to know what he wants and what you should give him. When to give? and how? It is very important. You need to master your rhythm. Otherwise, you are easy to suffer. We often receive complaints from sugar babies that the sugar daddies who have had sex with them have disappeared without giving them the allowances they deserve. These sugar babies complained that they are fake sugar daddies, scammers. So, do not give him anything before you make sure have an arrangement with your sugar daddy.

4. Not Defining Your Terms.

You need to establish your terms on the beginning of a sugar daddy relationship. Don't think that everything will be solved naturally. Don’t start to assert your terms once the arrangement is in progress.

If you think about how much allowance you get from your sugar daddy every month, please let him know your terms clearly, otherwise you will not go on with the arrangement with him. When you ask for allowance from him, don’t be compromised by the gift he gives to you. If you want to see him and ask him to reimburse you for the ticket in advance; or if you want to go out to travel with him, but you want him to take the cost of the trip, please tell him directly before you leave. In short, let him know your terms and make sure he has done it before you make any arrangements.

5. Falling in love with your sugar daddy.

This is the worst thing for all sugar babies. Sugar daddies are usually people who are more than 30 years. They are successful business men, entrepreneur, etc. Most of them are married and have their own families. So, you don’t need to ask your sugar daddy, do you love me? The answer is yes. However, they will not marry with you. It’s not possible for him to get divorced then marry with you even if you really love him. This will only bring pain to you and your sugar daddy.

6. Losing yourself.

Many sugar babies always cater to all of sugar daddies‘ requirements to become an ideal you of their heart. Then you lose yourself. Don’t care too much how your sugar daddy think you. Be confident in your own path. In fact, sugar daddies all like personalized, youthful and energetic sugar babies. Are you bold and stylish? Are you a female fatale? Are you sexy and hot? Are you wild and spontaneous? Then, show your personal charm completely. If your sugar daddy doesn’t like you, then you two may not be suitable to each other. You will have more choices on sugar daddy websites.

7. Not knowing when to end the relationship.

If you have had a few appointments with a potential sugar daddy, you still haven't got what you want. It’s time to end the contact. In my experience, if a potential sugar daddy did not make an arrangement with you on the second date, he most likely won’t. He may be interested in you, but it is in case you are not asking anything for a return.

If a potential sugar daddy is only interested in sex but indifferent to your company. It’s time to end the relationship. He should need a prostitute instead of a sugar baby.

If you find a potential sugar daddy might be fake sugar daddy. It’s time to end the contact. Usually,all fake sugar daddies have fascinating appearance and humorous eloquence. Don't fall into such a trap.

8. Sharing bank information.

If you have met a potential sugar daddy with tens of millions of assets and his photo is as handsome as David Beckham and everything looks so perfect. Then, you started to exchange emails, he asked you for a bank account number, and prepared to give you big money to show his heart. If you give him the bank information, it will be the beginning of your nightmare. With this information, a completely stranger can find your account, order checks with it, and start to spend your cash endlessly.

9. Excessive dependence on your sugar daddy.

As a sugar baby, you should learn to be independent. You have to know that you are only selling your short youth now, and you still have to rely on yourself in the future. You are only temporarily seeking the help of sugar daddy to help you complete your studies or solve your financial difficulties. Don't expect your sugar daddy to want to solve everything for you as a father. Don't expect him to be with you every day. He has his own family and his own business. In fact, they are usually very busy. Properly assess your value, properly request your own allowance, don't ask your sugar daddy for excessive demands, such as buying a car, buying a house, or asking too many requests. Otherwise, your relationship will be much shorter than you could imagine.