How can I Make My Sugar Daddy Happy?

Posted by | November 23, 2022

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As a sugar baby, you always want to ensure that your relationship works very well. That means you do need to keep your sugar daddy happy. Any sugar daddy relationship needs lots of involvement, and that’s exactly why you need to focus on making him happy. But how can you do that? There are different methods you can use to achieve your goals!

Show him that you can keep secrets

keep the secret for your sugar daddy.

One of the main ingredients of any sugar daddy relationship or every relationship out there is trust. You want to show your sugar daddy that he can trust you. In order to do that, try to avoid spreading any secrets that he entrusts you with. If you start spreading everything left and right, that will cause a rift between you and the sugar daddy. He can always find another sugar baby, so you want to keep your relationship alive. And yes, showing you are trustworthy is extremely important to focus on.

Share signs of affection

A sugar baby is kissing with her sugar daddy

Being affectionate with your sugar daddy is actually a very good idea, and it can bring you some amazing results. For starters, it shows him that you care and this relationship is important for you as well. If anything, this makes the bond between you even closer, and in the end, it benefits the entire sugar daddy relationship as a whole. So don’t hesitate to be affectionate, if anything it will make things a whole lot better in the long run.

Intimacy is important

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Since a sugar daddy relationship does get intimate, you do want to show your affection and love while having sex too. If you avoid having any type of intimate relationship, that becomes a problem. Many sugar daddies enter such a relationship mostly for intimacy, but they also want companionship too. So, it makes a lot of sense to focus on this and transform it into a priority. Otherwise, the relationship might not last a whole lot and you want to prevent that from happening.

Make your sugar daddy a priority

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Yes, this is indeed important, because whenever you ditch or ignore the sugar daddy, he won’t be happy. Just think about it, when you are in a relationship you always want to have the other half attentive and to call you or at least check up on you often. Making your sugar daddy a priority is great because it gives many opportunities, and it also shows your commitment to him.

Usually, a sugar daddy is very busy, but he will still get in touch with you. That’s why it’s important for a sugar baby to show her respect and appreciation to the sugar daddy. In the end, it makes for a much better sugar daddy relationship, and it also forges a more powerful bond that’s really hard to disrupt. Which is why you want to ensure you make the sugar dating experience great for both of you. And it all comes down to attention and making him a priority.

Don’t lie to your sugar daddy

A sugar baby got a long nose after lying to her sugar daddy.

Why is this important? A great relationship is based on trust, so if you lie, that clearly becomes an issue. The best thing that you can do is to stay truthful and always show your sugar daddy that you are honest with him. Not only will it make the relationship last longer, but it also shows the type of person you are as well. Think about it this way, if someone would lie to you in a relationship, would you continue that relationship? Most likely not, so it’s important to stay honest with the sugar daddy. Keeping things from him and lying won’t get you far.

Accompany him to the things he likes

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It’s always a great idea to go with your sugar daddy to events that he enjoys. You want to be there for him and keep him company, because that’s the best thing to do in such a relationship. Plus, you may even find some great, fun things to do yourself as well. So you always need to at least give this a shot and see if you like it.

At the end of the day, being there with your sugar daddy is great since it shows support. He is bound to appreciate the effort, and in the end, you will receive more attention from him, among many others. It’s a win-win situation either way, and certainly one of the things to keep in mind.

Be real and fun to be around

A sugar daddy carrying his sugar baby

A successful sugar daddy relationship always depends on how real you are with him and also if you’re fun to be around. The truth is that a person that’s great to be around and which makes herself easy to be around will always be a great asset to any sugar daddy. Which is why every sugar baby should just focus on being herself. Trying to not be yourself just to appease him is not going to work. Instead, you want to be the real you and show off your personality. That’s going to be well worth it, especially if you want this relationship to last for quite some time.

Offer your support when needed

Work overtime with your sugar daddy

There are times when your sugar daddy might deal with challenges or just hard situations in general. When that happens, you want to be there for him and offer the support that he needs. The sugar daddy relationship is just like any relationship, you want to help each other as you go through demanding and challenging times. Of course, it’s not going to be easy, but if you manage it right, nothing will be able to stand in your way.

Share some gifts with your sugar daddy

Surprise him with a birthday present

Generally, a sugar baby is the one that receives gifts in such a relationship. That’s why sharing some gifts of your own is a cool idea and certainly an unexpected one. You don’t have to share expensive gifts, it’s the thought that counts here. Showing that you care about your sugar daddy and you are offering him some cool gifts does matter quite a bit. It will also show him that you do care about this relationship and him in particular.

Hug him randomly during the day

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Signs of affection are always helpful when it comes to showing how you feel about your partner. The same thing is valid for a sugar daddy relationship as well. You want to show him that yes, he is indeed a great partner and you want to help him as much as you can. Yes, it can be quite the challenge to do that at first. But as you get more comfortable with him you should try and show some signs of affection here and there.


Making a sugar daddy relationship last can be tricky, especially in the beginning. Yet the truth is that you always have a variety of methods you can use to make your sugar daddy happy, and the ones listed above are a great starting point. Remember, it all comes down to respect, showing signs of affection, but also doing unexpected, sweet things for him. In the end, that can help quite a lot as it helps forge a very powerful bond that strengthens your sugar daddy relationship!